Essays and reflections on Meridian (and Nancy Gaffield’s earlier collections) can be accessed via the links below. Further writings will be posted here during 2019.

In ‘Mirror Image’, Longbarrow Press editor and publisher Brian Lewis surveys the poetry of Nancy Gaffield (by way of Eratosthenes, Solnit, Muybridge and Hiroshige), the ‘vigour and surprise’ of which ‘is traceable to an ongoing negotiation between the grid and the ground, the ‘mental map’ and ‘physical topography’, the abstract and the particular, the past and the future.’ You can read the essay here.

Peter Riley reflects on Nancy Gaffield’s Tokaido Road, Continental Drift and Zyxt (alongside collections by Sandeep Parmar, Jaime Robles, and Donna Stonecipher) in this essay for the Fortnightly Review.

Ian Brinton reviews part 1 of Meridian (published, in an earlier version, by Oystercatcher Press in 2016) on the Tears in the Fence blog.